“Teach me how to live to please you, because you’re my God. Lead me by your blessed Spirit into cleared and level pastureland.”
Psalm‬ ‭143‬:‭10‬ MSG

Do you know how to live to please God? I mean, that almost sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

That’s why David, the Psalmist, is crying out to God…”teach me how.” That’s what it takes to please God. An overwhelming desire to live to please Him. “God, teach me.”

Nothing else matters. He’s your God. You know Him intimately. He has never failed you and He never will. And you want to live a life that blesses Him. He’s a proud Daddy of His child…you. And that puts a big smile on His face…and yours.

Your life is led by the Spirit into cleared pastureland. Cleared! That means He has gone before you to rid the pastureland of debris and rocks that would trip you up. Those things that could scare you. Perhaps, hurt you or keep you from enjoying the lush greenery. The Holy Spirit has already cleared a way. Walk in the pasture with Him.

Not only is it cleared, but it’s a level pasture! There’s no strain of trying to walk up and down rugged countryside. The Holy Spirit has already leveled the land. Enjoy the sure-footedness.

After all, it’s in those pastures that you will grow from a toddler, beginning to know God’s ways, to a healthy and discerning adult! How? Feeding on His sweet grasses. Lush, fertile pastures that not only sustain life but life to the full!

Chewing on God’s Word! How else would you be taught by God and led by the Holy Spirit? Only by feeding on His Instruction Manual for Life! Those nourishing-for-your-soul morsels that teach you how to live to please your personal God! (And not yourself…)

However, It doesn’t happen overnight. From an inquisitive toddler to a wise adult takes time. Time well spent in God’s cleared and level pastureland.

So linger longer in God’s pasture…allowing that transforming process to take place. Just like David exclaiming, “Teach me how to live to please You,” keep chewing on God’s Word. It has everything you need for life and Godliness.