“Here’s how we can be sure that we
know God in the right way: Keep his commandments.
If someone claims, “I know him well!” but doesn’t keep his commandments, he’s obviously a liar. His life doesn’t match
his words.
But the one who keeps God’s word is the person in whom we see God’s mature love. This is the only way to be sure we’re in God.
Anyone who claims to be intimate with God ought to live the same kind of life
Jesus lived.”
1 John 2:2-6 MSG

You can be SURE that you know God. Not just hope you know Him, but SURE!! I’m all for that. I don’t want to think I know Him and end up with the short end of the stick…for all of eternity.

The Apostle John tells us how we can KNOW God in the right way. How? Just three words. “Keep His commandments.” And if you say you know Him well, but your walk doesn’t match your talk, then you are a liar. Pretty straightforward words.

You can blab and blab all you want about how you love God, but if you don’t do what He says, in His Word, then you are obviously a liar.

Strong words. And why shouldn’t they be? God has given us Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. (B I B L E). We have no excuse.

Now here’s the best news! The one who keeps God’s Word is the real deal. Your walk and talk match. You don’t say one thing and do another. You are not a hypocrite. And God says this is thee only way we can be sure we’re in Him.

God knows your heart (mind, will and emotions). He can see a fake a mile away.
Besides, if you are His intimate, why would you WANT to go against His ways, His words, His commandments? If you really KNOW Him that well, then you know that He is FOR you, not against you. He has His best plans for you.

Our job is to trust and obey and leave all the consequences with our Heavenly Father. Just like Jesus did.