When you’re around Margo Fieseler, you leave wanting for more.

You feel that she’s talking only to you…to your very soul.

Her depth of character, her passion for Jesus, her exuberant style, her tenderness of tears, her real-life transparency, her knowledge of God’s Word and application…makes you desire to respond…not to her, but to Jesus in her.

Read what Mary A. from Wisconsin, has to say…“I have been a Christian for many years and my life has been filled with many Bible Studies and Women Events/Retreats. I have had the privilege of sitting under some of the best teachers and great subjects. From the moment I saw the flyer, I knew this was a divine appointment. I felt in my spirit that this was for me.

Margo has a heart for women and brings forth God-breathed words from the Scriptures. She has a gift of bringing God’s word to our lives in an everyday, practical manner, yet she shows excitement as she shows LIFE and reminds us of the awesomeness of Jesus and His love for us. Margo is all about the relationships of the women she teaches. She has made me aware of God’s love for me like never before. She has taught me it’s okay to cry with those who hurt and rejoice with those who have found victory. I count it a privilege to sit under her teaching with a wonderful group of women whose desire is to press into Jesus.”

Christ’s impact can be seen through her teaching, speaking and writing…to kids, couples, men and women, young and old, in any season of life. From small, intimate settings to speaking to thousands. In homes, at churches, Ys and camps, in office buildings, banquet rooms and auditoriums…her contagious passion and energy speak right into your heart. Her background is diverse…with a degree in Education which strangely prepared her for marketing/communications in an Ad Agency; which prepared her to speak at Women’s Events and teach numerous Bible Studies (called BSL…Bible Study Ladies…click on BSL for more info); which prepared her for being an On-air Morning Personality on Christian Radio…which prepared her for more speaking, teaching and writing. (God doesn’t waste a thing, does He?)

So, there you have it. Oh, and her husband, two daughters, collie and a horse are her joy and inspiration. Plus, Starbucks decaf (any kind) and guacamole (with cilantro) are usually by her side.

Note…You can subscribe to Margo’s Daily Devos at the top of the page. I’d highly recommend it. Sorry no coffee or guac served up with them…but they are great caffeine for your soul!

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