Changed Lives

”Thank you! I needed this challenge. I find I am often complaining in front of my husband or family but not in front of others. This Needs to be part of my “everything”.”
-Dee N. from Wales, WI
(In response to Margo’s Daliy Devotional)

”I totally agree Lynette! It was the BEST I have attended. Margo was so real, captivating and an incredible woman of God!”
-Patti Saidler from Waukesha WI

”Wonderful weekend…Thanks for being a part of my life…God made sure U were there for me this weekend…U are Awesome”
-Denise Schamens from Brookfield

Thank YOU Margo! You spoke such truth into each of us this weekend! May God Bless You!

-Kelly Wiskowski from Waukesha

”I’m loving just hearing about the weekend retreat. So glad my Fox River sisters got to experience the powerful teaching I’m blessed to hear each and every week at BSL.”
-Pam E. from Waukesha, WI

”Wonderful weekend…Thanks for being a part of my life…God made sure U were there for me this weekend…U are Awesome”
-Patti S. from Waukesha, WI

”What an amazing & challenging weekend at FRCC women’s retreat. Margo Fieseler was blessed by God as she shared Holy Spirit inspired wisdom ✝ w/us. (sorry I forgot your guacamole, I’ll bring it on Wed.) I even was amazed when the scripture verse that was picked 4 me was so perfect! You might think it’s weird but I thought it was special…The 18th is my anniversary the 19th is my birthday & if you switch the 4 & 3 around I will be celebrating my 34th wedding anniversary in April ️”
-Gina H. from Waukesha, wi

”Thanks for speaking…you were wonderful.”
-Joyce S. from Waukesha WI

”Margo’s a Gem! So blessed to be able to reach so many women and change their lives….”
-Patti S. from Waukesha WI

”This was by far my most impactful, life changing retreat. I AM HIGHLY FAVORED & SO RICHLY BLESSED! Thank you for both of your hearts Luanne & Margo!”
-Mary F. from Waukesha WI

”My office has new decor that reminds me everyday of the amazing time I had at the #FoxRiverRestored2016 retreat. Margo Fieseler you were speaking directly to me.”

”Margo, I did not know that! Although, you would have no reason to tell me -ha! You encouraged me every morning for our first few years in Wisconsin on the radio! Thank you for all you said those many years ago.”
-Tracie W. from Arizona

”Hey Margo, Just wanted to say Thank You for speaking last weekend at Fox River Christian Women’s retreat. You have impacted so many with your positive, loving words and helping us to understand and to see more clearly how anger impacts everyone and everything around.”
-Deb B. from Waukesha, WI

My life changed the day you showed me Philipians 3:7-11 and said lose your religion and find your salvation only in Christ Jesus. U said RELEASE THE GUILT. That day with u i truly released it and since then God has just been opening my eyes to more than I could imagine.

-Jill Ann M. from Oconomowoc, WI

”Starting a new chapter in my life shortly. It is amazing what happens when you look up and not down. Thank you Margo Fieseler for helping me see that I am highly favored/richly blessed. Can’t wait to hear you speak again next month. Have a wonderful Easter!!”
-Mary F. from Waukesha, wi

”Had an amazing time away with this weekend with some really special girls. Listening to the amazing Margo Fieseler speak on forgiveness with so much truth, her words will forever be in my heart. My biggest takeaway from her is this “You will either live in the bondage of bitterness or the freedom of forgiveness.” I have that choice. #foxriverwomen #beautifullyrestored”
-Stephanie J. from Waukesha, wi

”Nine years ago, God dropped Margo Fieseler into my life. Since then, I have been more aware of how God has put the right ppl there at just the right times and I can still notice that now….. I am so blessed and thankful that no matter how bad things have gotten, the right ppl have been there at the right time and they still keep coming. God is GREAT!”
-Tracy S. from South Milwaukee, WI

”I may not be there in the flesh but so enjoy listening to your teaching on your website. I have learned so much. It was my first year at the BSL retreat where I truly learned, loved and forgave and have not looked back since. I have a stronger relationship with my Father and seek to have it become even more deeper than it is. Thank you. ”
-Margaret EM from Trevor, WI

”You are changing and helping to save lives everyday with your ministry! I think of you often and miss you! I can still hear your wonderful voice and message in my head and in my heart… ” to know Jesus personally, passionately, powerfully and pre-eminently” and fondly remembering you saying that in bible study. ”
-Dana P. from Frankfurt, Germany

”Margo Fieseler read #3-I heard you say that 2 years ago at Crosspoint and have remembered it ever since-and quote you often!”
-Melanie H. from Oconomowoc, wi

”Melanie H. from Oconomowoc, wi ”
-Paula K. from Oconomowoc, WI

”Wow!! Your morning devotional is a great one for me. I keep thinking I don’t know enough. While it is true that there is so much more to learn, I need to spend less time worrying about that and more time living my faith.Thank you! Love & Hugs,”
-Donna K. from Waukesha, WI

”Refreshed & Renewed after an amazing day listening to & learning from Margo Fieseler !!! Thank you SO much for challenging me in the most loving and edifying way!”
-Christine Bannister from Waukesha, WI

”Looking forward to hearing Margo Fieseler tomorrow with Phyllis Dunn. FRCC Women’s Retreat The Sequel…this woman rocks God’s word with love! See you tomorrow Margo!”
-Mary Fischer from Waukesha, WI

” So glad I was able to make it this weekend. Really needed it. I could listen to you for days. You are such an inspiration to us all. And we all love you very much. Gods Blessings to you. ”
-Terry W. from Oconomowoc, WI

”Dear Margo, Thank you for your service on the radio station. Thank you for faith in our creator… Be encouraged that you made a difference in my life.. Thank you.. ”
-Pam P. from Waukesha, WI (Posted on FB)

“I may not be there in the flesh but so enjoy listening to your teaching on your website. I have learned so much. It was my first year at the BSL retreat where I truly learned, loved and forgave and have not looked back since. I have a stronger relationship with my Father and seek to have it become even more deeper than it is. Thank you.”
– Margaret EM from Trevor, WI

“You are changing and helping to save lives everyday with your ministry! I think of you often and miss you! I can still hear your wonderful voice and message in my head and in my heart… ” to know Jesus personally, passionately, powerfully and pre-eminently” and fondly remembering you saying that in bible study.”
– Dana P. from Frankfurt, Germany

“Excellent devotional today Margo. It really hit home. Thanks for being you and
caring / ministering to all of us.”

– Edward and Tami B. from Milwaukee, WI

“I wanted to thank you for all the knowledge and wisdom you share every week! Thanks again, and hope to be in the word with you again very soon!! P.S. Thanks for last week, you told us not to be mad at unbelievers…..long story, but I really needed to hear that!”
– Julie E. Oconomowoc, WI

“Loved being there. I’m so thankful a friend invited me to BSL. I love a study that actually gets into the Word line-by-line. Makes me so hungry for more. Your studies help me to want to do the next right thing. I’ve learned so much. I used to cringe when I would hear the word obedience. Like who wants to do that? But now I am older and hopefully wiser. Today I prayed, Lord, make me a sponge.”
– Pam D. 
 Dousman, WI

Margo, YOU were that friend who stood up for me…and reminded me just HOW MUCH Jesus loves me…thank you. For it is ‘indelibly etched in my memory, AND in my heart of hearts FOREVER!!!
– Deb Delafield, WI

Thank you for leaving your Daniel study on line. I am currently facilitating a group of ladies from our church through Beth Moore’s DVD series and workbook on Daniel. So glad you had taught through Daniel as I have been weekly listening to you too! (Just as good as Beth I think!) Looking forward to the rest of it…
– Linda A from Florida

This devo really spoke to me just now. I was having some ugly anger rise up towards someone I used to work with who wronged me… not cool. glad to see this pop up in the inbox. 🙂 from Him through you!
– A Devo Subscriber from Tennessee

I just finished my first BSL with you today and wanted to let you know it was by divine appointment that I was invited by my dear friend to come. I remember how the joy of the Lord rang through your personality when I met you atWSCA when our children were there together. I am so thrilled to be a part of your Bible study. Thank you for being God’s instrument.
– Lisa G. Dousman

I wanted to thank you for the inspirational series you gave this past June on the Holy Spirit at Crosspoint Community Church. I have recently moved out to this area and have been looking to connect with other Christian women, and even more so, I’ve been seeking out good teachings. I am interested in attending your Wednesday afternoon studies at the YMCA. I was so motivated, inspired and uplifted by what you taught and shared back in June, I would really like to continue following your teachings. Thank you kindly and may God bless you and yours this day.
– Vicki D.

Thank you so much. I love receiving your devotions and love the music reinforcement of what you had to say. Am so thankful to be part of your Monday evening group.
– Suzy G. Delafield, WI

One day a few years. back, I was in my car playing with my radio and guess what I came across? The FISH! I listened a little but came back almost every morning while traveling to work…then there was the morning show and every time I listened to YOU I wanted to be as full of Christ as you are. You inspired me to be a better me! Your faith is evident, and I prayed to be as full of Christ as you! When you went off the air, I truly felt I lost a great source of inspiration and I still miss it daily!
– Kathy K. Milwaukee

Hi Margo! I loved listening to you on The Fish! Was sad to have lost that connection. You were my first Christian radio station I ever listened to and I was hooked…I miss hearing YOU! I found you on the Crosspoint FB page, commenting on Point of Grace. Where do you do your BSL studies? Have some girlfriends who are looking for a good study. Thank you for your Christian service!
– Jodi A. Lake Country

I have to tell you, that your words are so inspiring. Thanks so much! Nancy S. Waukesha, WII have recently found out about your Bible studies, I have been hungry for a women’s study, as I need to grow in the Word. I used to love hearing you on 105.3 the FISH, so I believe a study with you would help me grow. LouAnn from Delafield BSL was great. I just love the way you teach God’s word.
– Rhonda S from Oconomowoc, Wi

I attended back in ’08/’09 and have never found a study I enjoyed and learned more from. Moved to New Berlin several years ago and remarried and want to get back into a study and yours naturally came to mind.
– Pam D. New Berlin, WI

Thank you for the wonderful teaching last night at the BSL gathering in Oconomowoc. Your message was truly a gift from God! I’m so glad Barbara invited me!
– Carrie K. from Germantown, WI

Enjoyed an awesome Christmas party tonight with yummy food, good old fashioned Christmas Carols & great teaching by Margo Fieseler! posted on Facebook

– Ann E. from Oconomowoc, WI

Just got home from an awesome Bible Study with Margo Fieseler. She is such an inspiration and wonderful speaker!
– Kathi F. Waukesha, WI on Facebook

Thanks for your devotion today, it was one I needed to be reminded of greatly. I am going to share it if you don’t mind. You are such a great mentor to me. I am so thankful for your devotionals each day, they continue to help me grow and desire to be more Christ-like. I am so grateful for you and your love and passion for God. God is doing amazing things through you. I am truly blessed by you, so thanks for all your efforts, they are indeed noticed and appreciated. God bless you and your family.
– Carla M. on Facebook

Thank you for writting the message of encouragment. Reading it gave me such a wonderfull feeling knowing I have a friend that cares. Your daily messages have been so helpful learning more of our Lord Jesus Christ. June 2nd 2009 George & my life changed in a second. We are so fortunate George was given a second chance To live. He has been blessed!. We really work hard every day doing exercises at home. Also 2 times a week he works at the Hartford Hospital with a therapist working the machines. It’s been a rough road to be his caretaker. Thankfully we also are blessed with 4 wonderful children Spouses, & 10 grandchildren. The Lord has truly blessed.
– George & Marlene

I was at the Bible Alliance Christmas Tea this am. What a blessing! Thank you so much for sharing Jesus’ great love for us so eloquently! His words, through your heart, are a breath of fresh air…in this fallen world! I miss you and the other ladies. May you all “stay in His light” and keep on, keepin’ on!!
– Alice, from Waukesha

You are such a girl after my own heart! I wake up early in the morning around 5ish…5ish??? does anybody say that anymore?…anyway, as I do my daily devotions and journalng, I listen to the birds singing, almost like they were carrying on a conversation…”Heh, coffee over at the Clark Tree or are we going to Wendy’s birdhouse in the cul de sac” little woodland creatures outside my window…I, on the second floor, would see the squirrels (Lucy and Ethyl or Leverne and Squirrley) quickly dash over the telephone wire or whatever wire that is that runs from pole to pole…I would thank God that very instant for all the sights and sounds I would embrace as the new day begins…OUR God is such an AWESOME GOD…He Reigns.. Jesus, Lover of my soul…Have a good day…thanks for sharing!
– Sherry, from Waukesha

Thank you Margo for everything you do, you study, you share, you learn, you give!I look forward to your daily messages. I must say, forgiveness is the greatest gift my Mother ever taught me about!
– Marcia, from Oconomowoc

I love your devotional on your father, Margo. I, too, am thinking of my Dad these days. He went to be with our precious Lord 11 years ago. He, too, loved the Badgers (coached them in the 60’s), and loved every type of music and danced and LOVED THE LORD!!! Thank you for this sweet message.
– Julie C

Margo, Wow…what a blessing you were this morning speaking at our event. I beleive that God is at work in a mghty way.. Many great conversations have come from the morning. ALL… yup… every comment was positive and encouraging. Women were provoked to new levels. THANK YOU so… very much. PRAISIN’ HIM.
– Pam, from Oconomowoc, WI

After Psalm 23 was read, the memorial concluded with a video of “In Christ Alone” with lyrics & scenes from the movie, The Passion of Christ. (It was the one that Margo Fiesler’s daily devotional was sent to me on 6/26 – the very day of his death. I had forwarded it to his wife to encourage her just before I left for the airport, & she used it for the service.)
– Linda, from Ocala, FL

Margo, I loved your devo yesterday, I shared the story about how the mother eagle teaches her eaglet how to fly with the senior moms. How timely! God knows our every need! A teacher said she really needed those encouaging words at that moment too! go God!!”
– Jodi, from Kenosha, WI

What I always love about BSL is how the word of God just rolls around in my head for hours afterwards… sometimes days…and I get to share what I learned with my family. Just talking with Ken about why we pray was so awesome. Ken was like… if God is sovereign why pray? i said so God can act and unleash his goodness. He waits for us and wants fellowship with us. Thank you, Margo for your passion for Christ and for continually leading me toward who He really is!! I
– Deb, from Oconomowoc, W

I love BSL too. It was such a Joy and Blessing to be there on Monday Night to pray over these special ladies who have so much going on in their life. God Bless you, Margo. You have so much love and talent to the Lord and Bible. You are one special lady.
– Teri, from Oconomowoc, WI

A dear, godly friend of mine, Margo Fieseler. often challenges both myself and other ladies in our Bible study with the reminder, What spills out of you when life bumps into you? Ouch! That is always a powerful admonition to me!
– Barb, from Oconomowoc, WI

Margo is a lover of Jesus and I have had the great privilege of serving alongside her for 18 years. Together we have seen lives changed for God’s kingdom. Thank you, Margo, for being obedient to the call of Jesus and for the lives impacted by His Word. Love you, dear friend!
– Karen, from Oconomowoc, WI

Your devotionals are always inspirational. Let Margo know I print these every morning before work to have at my side during the day. Thank you for your servant heart filled with love for Jesus!
– Debbie, from Sullivan, WI

Thank you, Margo, for inviting me. I really enjoyed it. I don’t know too much about the bible but being there last night was really awesome. Listening to you last night really helps me understand more about the bible. Talk to you soon. God Blessing to you.
– Terry, from Oconomowoc, WI

Three days of Devo messages and God spoke through each one and I praise Him and also thank Him for you sweet sister.
– Marilyn, from Madison, WI

At the first annual BSL retreat, I knelt at the front in support of a friend and found out; I was really there for me! I had always thought my faith could just grow slowly, but I learned that I needed to make a day and “stake it”, as the day I took a stand for Christ. That night, as I lay in the upper bunk of a cabin there at Fort Wilderness, I swear I could hear the angels singing and see Jesus standing in a doorway saying, “Good job, my good and faithful servant.” October 19, 2007
– Marikay Waukesha, WI

I went to the BSL retreat because it was outdoors and I needed to get away. I was so blessed and loved by God there. I didn’t realize the Lord was going to use me to love on other women in practical ways. The more I was loved the more I wanted to love.
– Karen, from Sussex, WI

I have been a Christian for 37 years and my life has been filled with many types of Bible studies, both from the teaching and participant ends and I have had the privilege of sitting under some of the best teachers and great subjects, From the moment I saw the flyer at the Y I KNEW this was a divine appointment, I felt in my spirit THIS was 4 me, Margo has a heart 4 women and brings forth GOD BREATHED words from the scriptures, She has a gift of bringing God’s word to our lives in an everyday practical manner, YET she shows excitement as she brings LIFE and reminds us of the awesomeness of JESUS and His love for us, MARGO is all about the relationships of the women she teaches, She has made me aware of GOD’S love 4 me like never before, She has taught me it’s ok to cry with those hurt and rejoice with those who have found victory. I count it a privilege to sit under her teachings with a wonderful group of women whose desire is to press into JESUS.
– Mary, from Oconomowoc, WI

I feel the Bible study has been great for me just to constantly remind myself what I am here for at the YMCA and why Jesus has put me here to be his hands and feet, to keep my eyes on him and do my work here with
the joy that I have found in Jesus alone. My heart is overflowing with his love and I hope it shows in all the members and staff I work with each day. I do see it in the children!!
– Annette, from Delafield, WI

Thank you for your ministry. In the last few months there has been much loss in my life. Loss of my sister-in-law to cancer, loss of my own sister when she took her life, loss of buyers for our home/business, loss of a healthy marriage, and more; all have burdened me. With all this loss, I have continued to praise God in the storms. Pointed to Him not to lean on but to strengthen my connection to.
You (your Devotionals, in April, called “The Father’s Wisdom”) have been a source of energy to continue the direction of my compass. Although I feel broken, I know each piece of me has God within.
This is just a simple thank you for letting His words flow through you.

– Dee from Dousman, WI

I was shopping at Kohls a few days ago, I thought about you and your Morning Devotionals as I was picking up paper towels from the floor of their bathroom!!! (comment re: April Devotional “The Father’s Wisdom: Doing the Next Right Thing”)
– Sunshine from Oconomowoc, WI

Thank you so much, Margo Fieseler! What a blessing you are